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How It Works

  • We research your market and competitors
  • We identify the best search ranking opportunities
  • We create engaging content that matches
  • We publish weekly to your blog or social media

We do all the work, you never have to worry. We get results. Our blog content is in use by some of the largest brands in Canada.

Services & Features

Less than $25/wk

Much less cost than inhouse. We research, consult, write, post, and optimize all for under $25.

Proven Results

Our blog and social content is in use by some of the largest auto brands in Canada. We deliver results.

Industry Experts

Our only focus is automotive. Our team is deeply passionate about cars and automotive content.

SEO Research

We analyze your competitors and niche to find the best opportunities and maximize your presence.

Performance Tuning

We track results to optimize future performance and turbocharge your SERP results over time.

Data Analytics

Like GPS, data analytics tell us exactly where we are, and where to go next to reach your goals.

Client Testimonials

I love having the ability to control topics. Now I can get a web page online quickly for any topic that’s on my mind. Ideas that used to get lost in the shuffle are now making their way onto our website.

Barry P.

General Manager, AB

Your team is awesome to work with. We could never produce this level of content inhouse for $25/wk so it’s a perfect solution for us. We’re also referring our sales partners to your team.

Fabiola M.

Marketing Manager, BC

For years our blog was ignored but we’d discuss it often. Your team finally solved this problem for us, thanks for providing such excellent quality customer service and website content.

Hassan G.

Assistant GM, ON

Plans & Pricing

  • 2 posts /month
  • Posted to Blog
  • Keyword Research
  • Article Suggestions
  • 4 posts /month
  • Posted to Blog
  • Keyword Research
  • Article Suggestions
  • 6 posts /month
  • Posted to Blog & Social
  • Keyword Research
  • Article Suggestions


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Frequently Asked

Monthly billing can be canceled at anytime with no obligation. Simply contact us to stop billing. Please contact us rather than your credit card provider. We fulfill all cancellation requests promptly.

When you sign-up we contact you for basic info. Then we research your market and competitors, analyze the data, and send you  a list of suggestions for blog articles likely to get ranked for your niche. You choose, or direct, which ones you like best — and our expert writers will create the content, create an original featured image, and post it to your blog each week. You can also reach out with special requests, i.e. if you need to get a web page online quickly to address an issue or opportunity — simply contact us and we’ll take care of it.

Simply contact us within 10 days and we will replace it to your approval — then communicate with your team about your preferences to ensure future content matches your brand voice and overall approach. Our goal is always to maintain 100% customer satisfaction.

Google loves consistency. In local markets some businesses see an increase in week one. In highly-competitive markets, content targeted around trends may rank just as rapidly, but typically takes longer. In both cases there is rankings benefit over time because we research and analyze regularly to optimize performance, and google loves to see consistent posting of relevant content.

Yes. Getting your blog ranked on Google in 2024 requires specialized AI tools, i.e. to analyze your local market and competitors, identify keyword opportunities for your niche, and more. Accurate research, content, and targeting is what makes us so effective. We use AI tools to create maximum benefit for your business.

Yes. We sell affordable bulk articles to get your new website or blog stocked quickly with keyword-relevant blogs likely to get ranked for your market niche. Contact us for special pricing.

Yes! Having worked with a multitude of top teams, we have a full understanding of dealer advertising and content requirements. As they can vary by province, we reach out to confirm when in doubt.

A seasoned group of automotive writers and SEO experts focused on using data analytics to guide creation of high performance blog content. We accelerate your presence on search and social media, amplify your voice, and help you attract more potential customers to your business.

  • Dealership Owner
  • General Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Credit Provider
  • Car Loan Provider
  • Car Dealer
  • Marketing Manager
  • Auto Service Business
  • Digital Marketing Agency
  • Importer/Exporter
  • Auto Insurance Provider

Absolutely. We can help you establish presence, target specific competitors, and roadmap the easiest path to your longterm goals. We analyze data to determine which content is going to meet your goals, then deliver on target. We constantly re-analyze the data to ensure we’re delivering maximum impact to your bottomline for minimum cost. That’s our entire mission.

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